BigCommerce Automotive Year Make Model

Do you use BigCommerce for your Automotive eCommerce parts store? PartsLogic improves your BigCommerce site search by allowing users to type keywords along with year make model vehicle fitment into your site search bar.

Seamless Integration

BigCommerce handles your online store, PartsLogic handles the search that encourages users to convert.

Sites that sell parts work a little differently than other sites, but users expect them to work the same way. PartsLogic provides an intuitive site search for users to find the exact part they need, make their purchase, and get it repaired or upgraded.


Type or Speak Fitment & Keywords into your search bar with synonyms, typos and missing characters...

2017 F250 Tono Covr
~ becomes ~
2017 F-150 Tonneau Cover

Fitment Verifier

Intuitively knows which Qualifiers or Trim to ask after Year Make Model to ensure the correct product is purchased every time...

Bed Length for Bed Covers
2/4 Doors for Floor Mats
Engine for Exhaust

Automatic Data Updates

Automatically load data from any source...

Your Website (Shopify)
Your PIM System (PDM) Your ERP System (Epicore)
Your Distributors (Turn 14)
Your Repository (SEMA)

PartsLogic Benefits


Most eCommerce purchases are made on mobile devices. PartsLogic is on-site search designed for how your customers expect it.

Increases Conversions

PartsLogic makes part search easy, increasing conversion rates by 30-50%.

Intuitive Search

Users can search by synonym, vehicle fitment, YMM or facet. The more they narrow down their search, the faster they’ll get to their desired search results and convert. Plus it’s optimized for SEO.

Natural Search

Autocomplete search helps narrow down possible queries, and results are divided by pages to make make content more digestible and reduce page load times.

Google Analytics Integration

See what users are searching, view results and track conversions with the Google Analytics integration.

Request A Demo

Curious how PartsLogic can help you? Request a demo! We’ll walk you through it and show how it can benefit your business.