YMM Vehicle Fitment Verification

Increase buyer confident and minimize returns with Vehicle Qualifiers.

Allow your customer to make sure they get the right product by verifying their complete fitment.

What is a Vehicle Qualifier

A Vehicle Qualifier or Application Qualifier is an additional product attribute whose value is also dependent on the product fitment.

To ensure fitment compatibility, some products need more details

beyond the base fitment Year-Make-Model (YMM). If a user is searching

for a tonneau cover, they would need to specify the YMM and the

bed length as well to ensure the right fit. If they were searching for

an engine part, they would need to specify the YMM and the engine

displacement as well to ensure that the product they’re buying is

compatible with their car’s engine. In both examples, it’s the combination

of the YMM and part type that determine what additional fitment detail

is relevant. This additional fitment detail is the application qualifier.


Benefits of Vehicle Qualifiers and Application Qualifiers

Product Fitment & Attribute Search

Improves Searchability & Conversions

Being able to search for a product that fits your specific vehicle, helps narrow down a large list of available products and makes it easy for the user to find what they need. Once they find it, they’re more likely to convert.

For users who don’t have something specific in mind, this search ensures they don’t waste their time looking at products that don’t fit their exact vehicle.

Reduces Product Returns Lost Revenue and Upset Customers

If your customer orders the wrong product it slows your team down to focus on tasks that don’t drive revenue.

A wrong order can take 10 or more new orders to recoup the lost revenue from one incorrect order.

Your customer may also not return after having a poor experince with your website.

Make sure they get the right product with our Fitment Verifier using Vehicle Qualifiers.


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