Product Fitment & Attribute Search

Life gets a whole lot easier when you search for something and the right products just show up.

With PartsLogic, we’re here to make life easy.

What is Product Fitment & Attribute Search?

Product fitment and attribute search is a suggestive search that can recommend products based on a number of things, including:

  • Previous Searches
  • Selected Vehicle Fitment
  • Product Filters (aka Facets or Product Specs)
  • Combine Fitment and Keywords
  • Optional Vehicle Qualifiers
  • Brands
  • And More!
Fitment Selector

Benefits of Product Fitment & Facet Search

Product Fitment & Attribute Search

Improves Searchability & Conversions

Being able to search for a product that fits your specifications, be it vehicle fitment, brand or something else, helps narrow down a large list of available products and makes it easy for the user to find what they need. Once they find it, they’re more likely to convert.

For users who don’t have something specific in mind, this search provides some options to consider.

Enhances UI/UX

Providing a more narrow list of product options helps users more easily find what they need – and ease of use is what it’s all about.

This type of search also allows users to explore different options one at a time, which can help them easily narrow down what works best for them.

Sites without this type of search often have high bounce rates because weeding through a mass of options without being able to sort often proves to be too much for users.

UX Enhancement (Mobile View)

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