Automated Fitment Management

Everyone knows creating and managing fitment is a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be.

With PartsLogic Automated Fitment you set it and forget it, we automatically update your fitment every night.

What is Automated Fitment?

Our platform will automatically match your products to the correct vehicle fitment, from every source, every night.

  • SEMA Data Co-Op
  • DriveRightData
  • Turn 14
  • ASAP
  • PDM
  • DCi
  • New providers weekly
PartsLogic Fitment Management

Benefits of Automated Fitment Management

Product Fitment & Attribute Search

Improves Searchability & Conversions

Being able to search and find all vehices for a product makes it easy for the user to find what they need. Once they find it, they’re more likely to convert.

For users who don’t have something specific in mind, this search ensures users are able to shop for products that fit their specific vehicle.

Reduces Wasted Time & Errors

Now your team can focus on other more important tasks like marketing, customer service, or other tasks that can’t be automated with software.

Humans make mistakes, by letting the software handle this task you reduce the risk of errors and bad data.

Your data team could focus on building out data for uniuqe brands that are harder to find.


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