Case Study East Coast Gear Supply (ECGS)

A/B Testing for Success

East Coast Gear Supply (ECGS), a premier distributor specializing in top-notch gear and drivetrain parts, recently undertook an A/B test to gauge the effectiveness of PartsLogic compared to its legacy search functionality. Over a span of three weeks, the experiment enrolled a total of 25,000 users, splitting them evenly between PartsLogic and the traditional search system.

The main aim of this comprehensive test was to measure the influence of PartsLogic on revenue. The hypothesis proposed that its advanced search algorithms and dynamic product suggestions would improve the user experience, resulting in heightened customer engagement and, consequently, increased sales.

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Key Features of PartsLogic


  • Enhanced Search Logic: Leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms, PartsLogic significantly improves the precision and efficiency of part searches, ensuring users find what they need promptly.

  • Autocompleted Suggestions: A standout feature of PartsLogic is its real-time autocompleted product suggestions, revolutionizing the search experience by predicting user intent and expediting the search process.

    By meticulously analyzing the data collected from the A/B test, ECGS aims to gain insights into the tangible benefits brought forth by PartsLogic. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to continuously enhance its services and provide customers with unparalleled convenience and satisfaction.

A/B Test Results

Conducted between November 29th and December 20th, 2023, spanning three complete business weeks, our experiment yielded significant insights. Over this period, an impressive increase of +32.7% in revenue per user was observed. Notably, PartsLogic consistently outperformed the legacy site search from the moment of its launch.

Noteworthy Revenue Growth

While a 32.7% revenue boost is indeed remarkable, the actual impact is even greater.

PartsLogic Contributed to 75% of Top Orders

Despite PartsLogic contributing to 75% of the top orders, these were excluded from the analysis (95th percentile). Had they been included, the revenue surge would have approached +63% (97th percentile).

Projected Additional Annual Revenue Exceeds $245,000

Conservatively estimated, the integration of PartsLogic on our platform unlocked over $245,000 in additional annual revenue from existing site visitors, without necessitating higher ad spending or increased traffic.







Case Study

Definitive Results

PartsLogic notably influenced mobile usage, driving an 18% increase in search engagement. Moreover, over 25% of users clicked directly on suggested products, underscoring the efficacy of PartsLogic’s live recommendation engine.

Success at East Coast Gear Supply

The implementation of PartsLogic at East Coast Gear Supply has been unequivocally successful. In just three weeks, the integration of PartsLogic search translated to over $14,000 in additional revenue. With its rollout to all customers, ECGS is poised to elevate annual revenue by over $245,000.

As the automotive industry continues its digital evolution, PartsLogic emerges as the premier solution for businesses aiming to optimize customer satisfaction and revenue generation. For an enhanced revenue rate like East Coast Gear Supply, contact us to integrate our cutting-edge search bar service into your platform.


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Curious how PartsLogic can help you? Request a demo! We’ll walk you through it and show how it can benefit your business.